The goal of effective psychotherapy is empowerment, insight and transformation.

Psychotherapy is a process through which we learn to navigate our personal world with more awareness and insight, to gain greater understanding into our own dynamics and that of other people in our lives.
My approach is holistic and based on an ecosystemic approach which means that in working with an individual the focus will be on all the relationships that interface and effect that person's life.
I believe that a process of therapy where we use the mind to heal the mind can have its limitations and be very time consuming so my approach is innovative in the sense that I help people to access the soul to heal the mind. in this way we access a profound domain of healing together which makes the journey of therapy a deeply meaningful and enriching one.
This approach opens up new pathways of healing ourselves, our relationships, and even the physical body. I have extensive experience in working with people with cancer and have developed a supportive technique to assist people in understanding the dynamics of the disease as well as coping with the side-effects of chemotherapy. I have often witnessed the incredible potential that humans have to shift and cope with incredible trauma through making a connection with a higher consciousness which I understand to be the soul.
My intention is to empower people to become conscious co-creators of their lives, to manifest their highest vision of themselves and to heal their lives in ways that lead to a deeply fulfilling experience of their relationships, careers and environment.
I utilise the technique of hypnotherapy therefore not only to access the unconscious mind but also to expand awareness.

Additional techniques include:
  • The Journey Work of Brandon Bays which involves clearing cellular memories in order to assist the body to heal itself
  • Spiritual Regression as developed by Micheal Newton (author of Journey of Souls, Destiny of Souls)
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy which is a highly effective approach to healing depression
  • Systemic and strategic interventions into couples and family systems
  • Life Coaching
  • Matrix Energetics